Control your MIDI instruments from your iPhone and iPad

After downloading WiDI, install the Desktop Application. It's free, and you can install it on as many Mac or PC as you want.

Your iPhone or iPad connects to the Desktop Application to exchange MIDI CCs with your instruments. See video below to discover how it works.

For macOS
macOS El Capitan 10.11+ (Sierra and High Sierra compatible)
For Windows
Windows 10 (x64) (Windows 8 compatible)
Short introduction video, see how WiDI can create control surfaces for your MIDI devices.

Our Greatest Features

And a lot more:

MIDI CC Discovery

Don't worry if you don't know each MIDI Control Change number of your device's parameters, WiDI will figure these out..

CPU and Network Friendly

Highly optimized. WiDI implements a very lightweight binary network protocol to reduce network usage. Compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6.


Connect multiple devices to your Mac/PC to get as many control surfaces as you want.


Automate MIDI CC : modulate your MIDI instruments or devices parameters to create effects.

Organize Yourself

Reorganize control surfaces as simply as drag & drop.


Flexible surface layout, for both portrait and landscape usage. Customizable look & feel.

We new friends!